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Downtown Racine First Friday Feature Artist Francisco X. Mora

Friday, August 4th. 5-8pm.

Join us for an opening reception on First Friday, August 4th for artist Francisco X.  Mora.

Seebecks in Downtown Racine is privileged to welcome renowned Milwaukee artist, Francisco Mora, as the August Feature Artist of the Month. Mora, born in Mexico City, Mexico, has shown his artwork in many different galleries across the United States along with prestigious museums such as: The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Museum of Wisconsin Art, The Racine Art Museum and The Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago. Francisco Mora tells us about his childhood, “It seems that I was born drawing. Since as long as I can remember, a pencil or a crayon has been in my right hand.” He studied art in Mexico and came to the Milwaukee area in 1980, where he studied printmaking, fell in love with the area and has been in the US ever since.

In his artwork, Mora likes to illustrate people and animals from his boyhood days. The charm in Mora’s work lies in a sense of the whimsical in everyday life. Mora is an author/illustrator of many children’s books, although, people of all ages are drawn to his work for it’s fun and fantastical characters from Mexican folklore. The fine lines and playful colors are consistent with his simplistic compositions and invite the viewer to smile.

The show will continue thru August 27th.